Your Fallow Buck Hunt

Will find you heading towards the sound of the Fallow buck’s vocalising challenge which is a series of croaking pig like grunts. Being a grazing rather than a browsing animal Fallow can be found in groups grazing in the grass clearings. The bucks grunts carry a surprising long distance allowing us to home in on their current position. The depth of Fallow palmation is not visible from a front on view so trust your Lahar Sika Wilderness guide to  assess him before you shoot.


Fallow stand out with their palmate antlers


Fallow bucks on Lahar

Our bucks have Hungarian genetics and antler racks which are renown for their length 25-30”, with strong palms. Their pelage is the ‘common’ colouration, with summer colouring a soft light brown with large white spots changing in winter to a darker brown. With their prominent black dorsal stripe and a cream underbelly Lahar’s Fallow hides make an attractive pelt. Fallow are sleek, dainty long legged deer, they have an athletic habit of vigorously ‘pronking’ as they make their escape. The fallow buck is extremely possessive of his does and is a very aggressive and even vicious fighter weighing around 75kg/165lbs.

The spreading palms combined with an attractive cape make the Fallow buck a particularly sought after trophy to mount.

Fallow terms:-

The young are correctly referred to as fawns with the males being called prickets in their second year, sorrels in their third year and soars in their fourth, before becoming mature bucks. A young female is called a teg in her second year and thereafter a doe.

Hunt a croaking Fallow Buck

Imagine sneaking through the Black Forest and we spot a group of Fallow Bucks marching line astern in hierarchical order. We move quickly to waylay the Bucks and select your trophy but they disappear on their rutting circuit in search of does. Onto plan B we circle back to stalk the Bucks in their mid day bedding sites where they always have their escape route planned to pronk into the Manuka at any disturbance. However we succeed, you will be assured of close up action with your bow or rifle here at Lahar Sika Wilderness.

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A record book Fallow trophy buck, demonstrating unusual guard tines

This buck shows the distinctive Fallow palm, with excellent speller tines

This beautiful buck shows off it’s attractive spotted pelage

 The master buck ignores the young Fallow bucks while growing their velvet

A beautiful Fallow trophy buck with good tines and lots of length.

This Hungarian Fallow made it into the bow hunting record book

This buck came out on dark lucky for some
Non typical inner facing point on the right palm
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