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How do I get to New Zealand and Lahar Sika Wilderness? (LSW) Book a direct overnight flight to Auckland international, our national airline - , after arrival shuttle or walk to the Auckland domestic terminal for your transfer flight to Taupo airport, the best flight to be on is Air NZ leaving Auckland at 8.05am arriving at Taupo at 8.55am, where we pick you up

How long is it to drive from Auckland to LSW? Organise a rental car pickup at Auckland airport then it is a 4.5 hour drive to LSW

What game do you offer? LSW offers a range of excellent trophies; Red Stag range from Bronze, Silver to Gold. Our speciality deer are the Sika with Fallow bucks and a few Arapawa rams and South Pacific bucks.

Can I bring my firearms into New Zealand? YES. If you wish to bring your own firearm you must go online to obtain a NZ Police visitor firearms license. Apply at least one month before you leave home.   Cost is NZ$25 by credit card.                          Information you will need for your application. Address while in NZ  - 192 Matapuna Road, Horopito, Raetihi 4696 Where will firearm be stored? - Gun room in LSW homestead Who with? - Brent Bishop, his NZ Firearms number –RO110290  E Mail     On arrival into Auckland airport the NZ Police will meet you in the customs area and check your passport, check your firearms licence issued by the country you live in, check if you applied to bring firearms into NZ and issue your visitor firearms licence.                     NOTE NO hand guns are allowed in New Zealand

Can I hire a gun? YES. LSW has a selection of firearms in suitable calibres and you will be able to select a rifle that fits you, most are fitted with bi pods and suppressors making them more comfortable to shoot. Hire is US$100 each per hunt period (NZ G.S.T incl) Saves you security hassles if you are travelling.

What type of guns suit New Zealand deer? Recommended firearms for New Zealand deer species are 30.06, .270, 7x57 or similar in sporting bolt action configuration. Shot lengths are rarely over 200 yards so large magnum calibres are not necessary. Do not bring a handgun; they are prohibited in New Zealand

Can we hunt together? Yes, two hunters per guide are OK.  More than 2 hunters will require hiring another LSW guide.

Can my non hunter share my hunt? Of course, our guides will safely include your partner.

Can I bring the venison home? No, in most cases it is too difficult to import meat into your country.

What temperature should I prepare for during the hunting season? From March to May, temps range from 0 to 15 degrees Celsius or 32 - 50 degrees F, rain occurs as the autumn storms cross NZ followed by calm sunny days!

What hunt clothing will I need to bring? Bring standard hunting clothing suitable for your September/November hunting conditions in the northern USA. With high emphasis on good waterproof walking boots and effective rain/wind proof outer gear, that is quiet in the brush. Gear with a darker or green ‘camo’ pattern suits our evergreen bush as we do not have deciduous trees with autumn colours. The ground is often wet but not above ankle height.

What are the best trophy hunting times at LSW? The most exciting hunting or rut safaris are from March – May.

How will I get my trophies back home? We deliver your antlers, capes or hides to an expeditor. He will process, crate and ship your trophy to the USA. You will receive your trophy, cleaned, bleached and salted ready for taxidermy or as a Euro skull ready to be mounted. The expeditor will liaise with you and payment is made to him directly. The total cost varies depending on the size and number of trophies per crate. A price indication for 2 x Red stag heads, processed and shipped in a crate is US$650 to 850 per head. Additional fees to clear your trophies through customs in the USA will apply. A broker is usually engaged to do this. Our expediter can recommend a broker based in the USA. Visit  for more details.

Should I get my trophies mounted in NZ? It is most cost efficient to have your trophies shipped un mounted but we can recommend an excellent taxidermist in New Zealand

What happens if I need to cancel my hunt? Briefly if you tell us 90 days before your booked hunt period we will try to re schedule you for next year, short notice incurs a loss of deposit and you would need to start a new booking.(More details under terms & conditions on the contact page)

What else can you tell me? No license or tag fees, no snakes, predators or poisonous creatures, No vaccinations needed, no visa needed from USA, UK, Aussie & many other countries. We do have friendly Kiwis passionate about hunting and showing you a great time. NZ is rated as one of the safest countries in the world.

Note - All goods and services supplied or purchased in New Zealand attract an extra 15% for our government G.S.T tax. (Normally included but sometimes has to be added to the advertised price)

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