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Red deer on Lahar

With many acres of forest at their disposal our bush run Red Stags, having had the opportunity to strop up their antlers on trees and brush, will sport impressive dark antlers accented by polished white tine ends, ranging in size from S.C.I. bronze through silver, gold to super gold standard. To enhance a classic look we have managed our herd to produce antlers with long brow, brez and trez tines and open tops with a wide spread. The antler tines number between 12 to 35 points and a length of around 40 inches. This style of antler creates a most impressive looking Red Stag. During the rut the Red stags massive necks sport long haired dark manes which makes for an impressive mounted trophy.

Your Red stag hunt

Will find you stalking the fringes of grass clearings, to close into range of the unsuspecting stag without alerting his attendant hinds. We imitate the stags roar to tempt him into range and he charges through to protect his hinds from the intruder. As Red stag racks are exceptionally varied, often the trophy that is taken is a particular style that appeals to the hunter rather than an S.C.I. score level. Before you shoot your guide will quote the animal so that you can take it with confidence.

Hunt a roaring Red stag (March-April)

Imagine the excitement on a cold and frosty morning, as a magnificent Red Stag materialises onto a bush clearing close to you, tilting his head to emit his deep throaty roar, this is enough to excite the most experienced hunter. During the rut Red stags constantly challenge with a loud modulating roar and will also emit a low loud growl combined with a series of grunts, especially if driving off a rival. Wallows are frequently used and fresh mud with a pungent odour means a stag is close. This is the adventure that could be yours at “Lahar Sika Wilderness”.


Red deer activity during the rut is hauntingly vocal


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In the Red deer rut - March to April the stag is dominant over his territory

A roaring Red stag. Book to hunt in April to hear the gravelly bellows of stags

Red stag S.C.I. scoring of 367 with 22 points
 Red stags fatten up pre rut
Maturing young Red stags

Left a Gold S.C.I. Red stag & Right a bronze Red stag

Red deer hinds are always alert as they guard the hunting territory

A majestic Red stag. A gold class trophy of 22 points