Sika the ultimate achievement for all hunters


LAHAR is within the legal Sika feral range,

which means your Lahar trophy will be eligible for inclusion in the Safari Club International record book

Lahar Sika Wilderness is one of the few private properties in New Zealand where Sika are legally allowed to thrive. New Zealand's Department of Conservation is very keen to restrict the spread of these deer and there is now a limited legal area in the central North Island where Sika are allowed. The rational behind this is that Sika are very efficient foragers and have the ability to survive where other animals would not. Being difficult to hunt and with no natural predators, it is hard to limit the Sika population.


Hunt a squealing Sika stag (March to May)

Imagine patiently waiting, crouched behind a fallen mossy log in the Black Forest, not moving, quietly listening to the piercing squealing and meowing of rutting Sika stags. Then a crash of broken branches as the master stag abandons his camouflage and charges out to repel an intruder. With his stocky frame, swollen neck and raised mane he exudes his wild arrogant attitude before he barks and flashes away. Are you ready for this close up Sika Wilderness encounter?

Your Sika stag hunt

Will find you stalking quietly through deep forest and Manuka scrub margins along gentle sloping land. It takes a careful stalk to set up a shooting encounter as the alert Sika are acutely aware of any foreign sounds or smells. Sika are curious however and this can be their downfall as sometimes they will actually stalk the hunter. You will pass pungent, shallow scrapes, which the dominant stags regularly visit to mark the margins of their rutting territory. Your Lahar Sika Wilderness guide will get you set up and advise on your Sika rack before you shoot so you can confidently take him.

Sika stags on Lahar

Our Manchurian type Sika thrive in the forest and Manuka scrub coming out to the grass clearings to feed. Their antlers are stained dark brown with white tips from thrashing in the Manuka scrub. They have two antler styles, the typical with 8 points and non typical with 8 or more and maybe a throw back tine, with a length of around 29 inches. A mature stag weighs around 80 kg / 180lbs. Sika stags are vicious fighters necessitating strong antler beams  which in cross section have a thick bone component and a reinforcing spine connecting the brow tine to the main beam, know as the Sikine ridge. Sika do not have bez tines. The top two tines are forked and the outer tine is classically the longer with a considerable length of smooth white antler. Sika with their delicate facial features and spotted pelt  make a most attractive medium sized mounted trophy.

A typical Sika head has an even 8 points

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A Sika stag with his large white caudal patch which flares out when alerted

Sika antler coloration, dark stained beams & white polished tips
Sika hinds & fawns in their spotty summer coats

A non typical Sika trophy with more than 8 points and throw back tines

A stunning shoulder mount by ‘Sika Country’ taxidermy
A Sika stag with very even long top tines

Sika are very easily alerted to foreign sounds

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