Your challenge now is to hunt with the skill to be successful. The ‘Black Forest’ will give you ample opportunity to spot and stalk your trophy but as the terrain is the ideal wild habitat for deer to hide in, the odds are going to be stacked in the animal’s favour.

Our Wilderness

Hunts are conducted on foot over flat to rolling ground in native (sub alpine) forested terrain which is interspersed with many small wild grass clearings. You may stalk within the dense native Manuka scrub or Kiwi forest trees(like Totara, Miro & Matai) or use your patience to outwit the Sika, Fallow or Red deer as they come out at dusk to feed on a clearing edge. Shooting positions are set up on these small clearings, tree and platform stands may be used, or as nature provides, we utilize fallen trees or brush as a blind, these hides make for exciting close up hunting.

Lahar Sika Wilderness is surrounded by more Wilderness the 200,000 acres of Tongariro National Park of World Heritage Status.


We will guide you into our wild hunting territory, ‘The Black Forest’, be assured we do know the way out again, but do you!


In the ‘Black Forest’ a Sika hind is on alert !

An aerial view of a Sika herd on a clearing in our ‘Black Forest’
Lahar Lake for you to tempt a rainbow or brown trout
Young Sika stags test their skills in our ‘Black Forest’

A majestic Red stag overlooks Tongariro National Park

A Sika stag in your scope, Shoot or not?

Bringing home your treasured trophy

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