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Authentic New Zealand hunting experience

Privately owned property offering premium access to
Red Stag, Sika Stag, Fallow Buck and more


Thrilling hunts in a breathtakingly wild setting

Our private huntng park lies at the foot of the snowcapped Mount Ruapehu in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island. Consisting of native forest with grass clearings where game are free to roam, hunting at Lahar is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Lahar is family owned and operated – hunters and non-hunting guests alike enjoy true Kiwi hospitality in the capable hands of our dedicated team.


Matching our hunters with the Red Stag of their dreams

Every Red Stag antler rack is unique. They vary widely from classic & streamlined to huge & multi-pointed – like a fingerprint no two heads are the same. At Lahar we offer a variety of quality red stags for our hunters to select from with the help of our experienced guides.

Red stags in the wild are an impressive sight in all their glory – check out our video gallery for a taste of the action.

More Trophy Game

Complete your New Zealand hunting experience

The thrill of the hunt continues with our additional resident game.

Sika Stags Prized among New Zealand hunters for their elusiveness and alertness, Sika make for an exhilarating hunt. Lahar is one of the few private properties in New Zealand within the legal Sika feral range which means your Lahar trophy will be eligible for inclusion into the Safari Club International.

Fallow Bucks Lahar offers quality Fallow Buck trophies which are particularly sought after for mounting with the distinctive spreading palms of their antler and attractive cape. They are also vicious fighters – see our video gallery for an up close encounter between 2 bucks.

Arapawa Rams These wild rams make for great sport and an appealing trophy with their thick curled horns and mottled chocolate brown coat

Feral Goats Another of our game species on offer, with horns of impressive spread, the feral goat is popular among hunters at Lahar as an addition to their New Zealand trophies.